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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Maihueniopsis darwinii hickenii

Maihueniopsis darwinii was described and pictured by J.S.Henslow  in 1937 after his friend C.Darwin, who discovered this plant in South Argentina during his sea travel. A single segment of the species was brought back in herbarium.
O.hickeny name first appears in Britton & Rose famous work, and is a larger form of that common in Argentina species, and has larger segments and longer spines, often curved. This is one of the easier to flower small Opuntiodes that deserves more popularity among collectors. Repotting it is always a challenge, as segments are too easy to detach. Over-potting them, to prolong use of same pot, seems like a good idea.

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  1. Such a spiny thing! And such a lovely color. We grow several accessions: one of the hardiest Argentines for us in Colorado.


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