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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Eriosyce subgibbosa nigrihorrida

This is a first flowering of Eriosyce subgibbosa nigrihorrida JA126 that I grow from habitat seed collected by Juan Acosta, a cactus lover and a reliable supplier of quality seeds from Chile. This is a small-blooming Eriosyce, and the early flowers are even smaller - about 3/8 inch across only.
Plants grown from wild seed often show a  range of features. In this batch I have seedlings with light brown, grayish and almost black spines, some more ore less straight and some noticeably curved.
When grown in pure mineral porous substrate Eriosyce subgibbosa is a generally easy plant, hardy and ready  to flower. Larger plants exposed to full sun develop dense and robust spines, and look very hansom.

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