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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ferocactus latispinus

Here is a young plant of Ferocactus latispinus trying to push it's first blooms. This is an easy in culture plant, that is common in garden centers. Growing from seed is also easy, and plants are quick for cacti. It is also one of the Ferocacti that bloom relatively small. The plant in picture is only about 5 inches across without spines.
Ferocacti except from several species that are common in garden stores are not that common in amateur collections. The main reason for that is of cause the plant size. Many species will not flower until reached 8 inches across or more. Among exceptions are Ferocactus fordii, the smallest blooming Fero, Ferocactus latispinus and Ferocactus glaucescence.
But the main attraction of any Ferocactus is their ferocious spines, that are among the most striking in the genus. Ferocactus latispinus develops wide dagger-blades with down-pointing hooked tip, giving the plant quite unusual appearance.
Note the growth grooves on spines - the regular marks across their surface. I believe these marks correspond to the daily development of the spine.

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