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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mammillaria teresae

Mammillaria teresae is a small plant with large underground taproot. This plant is popular but not too easy to get - mainly due to the fact that each fruit contains just a few seeds and it stays embedded into plant body when ripe. Extracting seeds is a meticulous and slow procedure.
The plant is generally easy in culture but not for the beginners - mainly because it can not grow in "Cactus soil" available from the stores and needs a stable culture, something that takes time for everyone to establish.


  1. And what kind of soil do you suggest for this cactus?

  2. I use same ceramic pellets for everything. Check out Rebutia teresae image 7 posts down - it is clearly seen there. Any pure mineral media with proper water retention and large enough granules to live space for air, and pH and chemically-neutral will do. All nutrition comes with water, and again for that I use basic home-plant fertilizer with low N and full set of trace elements.


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