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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Echinocereus mojavensis

Echinocereus mojavensis is another common plant of US South-West. As the name implies it is native to Mojave desert, but actually is more a plant of transitional zones. In Mojave desert it is mostly found at or by the rocks or on the hill slopes, and the areal spreads further North and East, to Big Basin desert areas in Nevada and Utah and Colorado desert areas in Arizona.
This picture is taken not far from Colorado river canyon on Kaibab plateau. It is an open juniper and pine forest covering the rigged area with open limestone rock outcrops.
Echinocereus mojavensis is another plant easily adaptable to pot culture. It usually takes more than 5 years to reach the flowering size when grown from seed, and after that it blooms reliably every spring. Plants are cold and wet hardy and actually respond well to watering started as early as February, simulating Mojave desert winter precipitation.

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