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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mammillaria albiflora

Mammillaria albiflora has been known to collectors for over 70 years, but is still a thought-after plant. It comes from Mexican state of Guanajuato, from altitude over 2000 m. That in tropical climate usualy means milder (read 'cooler') climate with possibly more precipitation than in the valleys. 
Mammillaria albiflora is a very small plant in the wild, and still small in collections. It is also slow from seed. The plant in my picture is grafted on Trichocereus hybrid stock. This way it grows much larger and much quicker. Also the blooms are very plentiful, with the plant fully hidden by the flowers at the pick.
The only difficulty Mammillaria albiflora presents in culture is it's relative slowness from seed. The flowering size plant, that is of a size of a small cherry, can be achieved sometimes in 3 but usually in 5 or more years. This plant also has a large thick taproot. That means it needs deep pots and preferably pure mineral and loose potting material. 

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