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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rebutia fiebrigii

Rebutia fiebrigii is one of many attractive plants from the genus. It is easy and a free-flowering plant, as most of Rebutias. Actually this particular plant in the picture brings in flowers year-around in my greenhouse. In the winter it will be several flowers every other week, in the summer there are flashes of blooms that time by time completely obscure the plant.
Rebutias like lots of sun, but not along with heat. If conditions  are too hot they turn the sun-exposed sides of their stems yellow, recovering in couple days when moved to shady spots. I have to keep my Rebutias in partially shaded side of the greenhouse for the summer mounts here in California.
Rebutias are mountain plants, and not adopted to hot desert summers of low altitude. They come from Argentina Andes. The genus is spread over large rigged area. Habitat like that usually means that the areal is made of relatively isolated spots, and it produces large variety of forms. It is possible to have a collection of several hundreds of plants, all been different Rebutia species and forms, with variety of flower and spines colors and shapes. 

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