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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mammillaria albicans

Mammillaria albicans is another western Mammillaria with the same recognizable flower characteristics - the long stigma lobes for instance. This group of plants is a good candidate to form a separate genus off the large Mammillaria, some day.
Mammillaria albicans comes from central Baja California and several islands in California gulf. This species blooms in mid-summer, at the time of monsoon rains down at Baja California. It is a beautiful small plant,  wrapped in white cotton. It's flowers produced mostly sporadically, but at least once over a summer my plant will give the full show with 20 or so blooms forming the classic Mammillaria ring.
In culture this is a 'no problem' plant at least once large. Below zero temps better be avoided given the plant's origin. Summer heat and full sun it takes just fine, as you would expect. As everything else I have it in pure mineral substrate, on my weekly summer watering scheduler. 

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