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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mammillaria grahamii

Mammillaria grahamii is very common plant in Arizona deserts at lower elevations, and occurs from South-Eastern California all the way through Texas, and in neighboring Mexican states. The habitat is usually mountains and hills. Without flowers it is just another hooked Mammillaria, but the flowers are among the most showy in the genus. Flowers are most often pink, but can be white-pink with darker mid-stripe or pale. Different forms of Mammillaria grahamii often look like different species, but it is impossible to really divide the forms as they melt to each other throughout the plant's range.
Mammillaria grahamii responds well to the common cactus culture and reliably blooms in the summer. It likes it hot - full sun position in my greenhouse gets it close to it's homeland Arizona conditions. When grown from seed the fist flowers may be seen usually in about 4 or more years, some local forms bloom when smaller. It is a nice and overall attractive plant that becomes more popular with collectors.

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