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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Maihueniopsis glomeratus

Opuntoides are now days enjoying the Renascence with cactus collectors. For decades they have been neglected and out of fashion and known to only a handful of hardcores. A lot due to the many more people venturing into the area of field collecting small Opuntuas are rediscovered for cactus aficionados, and many more people want to grow them. 
Maihueniopsis glomeratus is the plant that has all it needs to be desired in the collection. It is relatively compact plant, with dense spectacular and spines, and nice large flowers, usually yellow but sometimes orange.
In culture they are easy and will thrive in a range of conditions, suitable for greenhouse, outside or a wind-seal. Lots of light is needed to support the spines development. Other than that the plants do well under general cactus care. They usually produce only one generation of stem segments per season, and the size the segments gain will depend on the growing conditions that year.

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