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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Echinocereus coccinneus hybrid

This is another type of hybrid - Echinocereus. Echinocereuc coccinneus is a tetraploid, same as Echinocereus dasiacanthus.. In the wild they do grow together, but blooming time is different. It does not always prevent these two species from forming the natural hybrids that are not only vital but also fertile. Hybrids also can be coccinneus-like and dasyacanthus-like, and blooming time for those differs by couple weeks, coccinneus-like  blooming in April and dasiacanthus-like in May-June.
This plant is a coccinneus-like hybrid of a natural origin, with larger stem and larger flower, and shape of the stem and flower are reminiscent of  E.coccinneus. Flower is almost white, with a bit of green in the throat, and slight yellow tint.
E. coccinneus always have red flowers and E. dasyacanthus flowers are always yellow. But cross with these two produces a full rainbow of colors, with orange, pink, white, salmon or bi-colored flowers.
E. coccinneus is also dioious species in most populations, and this hybrid is a male plant, never forming a fruit.

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