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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tephrocactus weberii

Thephrocactus weberii is one of the smaller South American opuntoides that are getting more in fashion with the collectors in recent years. It is very easy to grow plant densely covered with brown, white or yellow spines.
Flowers in culture are not so common treat, mainly due to the larger plant size that is required for successful blooming. What makes it even more difficult is the annoying manner of the plants long and barbed spines to hook on everything, making you accidentally break off the stem segments that are not that tightly attached to each other. Each segment is ready to take root, making this behavior a great propagation strategy in the wild, but not so pleasant in the pot culture.


  1. Does this cactus need a a deeper pot than usual?

  2. I would not say it needs deep pot. Large - yes, deep - no. I have this plant in regular 'azalea'=shallow type clay pot about 6 inch/15sm wide and little less deep. Once it is done blooming it will go to 21sm pot, shallow pan type.
    I only use deep pots for the plants with long carrot-like root. And since deep usually comes with larger pots only, for small plants like Rabutia (Medilobivia) pygmaea that means I'll have several plants share same quarters.

  3. Thanks!
    I read some growers use deep pots for little opuntias, and I thought my “opuntioides” do not bloom for this reason.


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