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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lobivia haematantha v rebutoides WR585a

Lobivia haematantha is a very variable species, known for its colorful blooms. The great variability requires a cactus collector to rely, on top of varietal name, on field number, to have better understanding on what plant is referred by that combination.
WR585a refers to old Walter Rausch's discovery. This plant is much different from other v. rebutoides crowd by it's smooth white appearance. Large flowers of about 4 inches have colors of shades of yellow to almost white. With age plants tend to become tall and often refuse to branch.
Growing this plant from seed may become of some challenge. Seedlings very early develop a thick carrot-root, and tend to dislike over-watering. Yong plants are also somewhat on a slow side compare to other Lobivias .

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