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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maihuenia poeppigii

Maihuenia poeppigii is an unusual cactus, forming  separate subfamily along with just one another species. Both plants are native to the southern parts of South America. They are among a few cactus species that rely mostly or exclusively on green lives for photosynthesis. 
Maihuenia poeppigii forms beautiful green spreading maths in the wild. The plants are very frost hardy and can survive winter under snow. 
Growing Maihuenias from seed is not difficult, but they must be treated completely differently than other cactus seedlings. First, trying to grow them in high humidity kills seedlings reliably and quickly. Second, partial shade results in thin, long and weak plants. Full sun from the moment of germination is what Maihuenias need. They also appreciate good feed and watering, provided they are grown in  well drained pure mineral substrate. They much more accustomed to cold then to heat, but grow quickly only when it is warm. Seedlings that have reached four weeks of age are usually very robust. 


  1. Have you ever seeded this cactus?

  2. All the Maihuenia plants I have are seed grown. This one is from wild seeds I got from Juan Acosta of Chile couple years back.
    Fresh seeds germinate really well.


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